Upcoming Couples Workshops:
This workshop is often compared to 3-6 months of weekly couple's therapy. Based on the book Getting the Love You Want by Harville Hendrix, this workshop allows you to become aware of how your unmet childhood needs are the true source of the current frustration and pain you experience in your relationship.

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Upcoming Individuals Workshops:
The Powerful Weekend Workshop for Individuals and Couples.
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Janis Elaine McCann, Ph.D.
LMFT 14805, RP 014
25379 Wayne Mills Place
Valencia, CA 91355

Imago Relationship Counseling, Southern California, Valencia, Santa Clarita

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And sessions via Skype .

What is transformative about our services?
“We are continually faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems.” - John W. Gardner

  • We offer you tools for skilled behaviors and support to create the life that wants to live in you.
  • We help you to know your mind and your feelings, and the difference between the two.
  • We help you to see how being conscious can change your life.
  • We teach you to heal the past, harness the energy of the present and create the future.
  • Our mission is to support you to make sustainable changes that will continue to benefit you through out your life time.
  • We offer techniques which reflect cutting edge research and best practices

Your Partner in Inner Paths Life Coaching
How do you limit your life?

Imagine sitting with your loved ones, peacefully recounting the story of your life. What would that story be? What aspects of your life story are yet to be lived? As your life coach, we will help you create the environment that will facilitate your goals and dreams. We encourage you each step of the way as you design your ideal story. We will encourage your dreams and visions, helping you to identify, plan, and eliminate obstacles to your mission and vision.

The coaching relationship is a partnership in and for life transformation. Coaches are cheerleaders and motivators. Coaches provide the place for transformation and the relationship helps clients find their own best answers. An IP coach doesn’t do the thinking for the client – through clear sight, attention and gentle guidance the client finds his/her own way.

As your Inner Paths Coach, we help you build a shared ground of mutual support and understanding. We provide a facilitating environment to manage your differences, restore your communication and connection, and to nourish and enhance your visioning as a couple, to achieve those goals and enduring ideals important to you in your life together.

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Meet Dr. Janis McCann - Life and Relationship Coach, Depth Psychologist, and Workshop Presenter
Providing coaching, workshops, psychotherapy and training to individuals and couples who desire safe, life-affirming, committed love relationships.

Dr. Janis is a gifted psychotherapist to individuals, couples and groups. She is a dynamic relationship coach for executives, couples, individuals, and business professionals. She is a powerful relationship educator and joined by her husband and business partner, Dr. David McCann, is a "down-to-earth" presenter of Imago workshops and seminars. Dr. Jan is compassionate and intuitive, wise and inciteful, warm and learned, which makes for teaching that appeals to all needs and styles. After attending The Hendrix Getting the Love You Want Imago workshop for Couples, Dr. McCann became inspired to establish the Center for Conscious Relationships with her husband and partner, where they practice, provide trainings, write and lecture. They offer workshops throughout California, New Mexico, Nevada and retreat locations in Mexico.
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    Please note: Voice mail, email and text messages and responses in excess of one minute from and to existing clients, are billable in minimum 15 minute increments at our hourly rates. New customer inquiries excepted.